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To play a practical joke on boss is difficult, but possible. For example, to add a laxative in his tea or to file legs of a chair. A few good, kind jokes are laid up at office collective for their favourite chief! But here the main thing - not to go too far, that the boss has not given the ends for unexpected pleasure…

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Having a history of more than a century animation has unrecognizably changed. At first there were only very short black-and-white movies with clumsy characters that were hardly moving and couldn`t talk. Nowadays animators create full-length films filled with 3d computer graphics.

Today it`s hard to accept connection between creations of J. Stuart Blackton and such "monsters" as Walt Disney, Dreamworks and Pixar. They are as far from each other as roman chariot and a spaceship. But it doesn`t change the main point - in the beginning of XXI century people`s love for animation is as strong as 20, 50 or 100 years ago. How can anybody hate this bright, rich genre which is beyond the borders of daily routine?
If you`re inlove with animation just like us - welcome to Cartoons.org.